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Massage guns for pain relief

Massage guns for pain relief

Percussive therapy isn’t just for post-workout pain. It can be your tool to finally overcome chronic pain, too.

Chronic pain affects millions of people around the globe. In fact, in the U.S. alone, more than 20 percent of adults — that’s every one in five people — suffered from chronic pain in 2019.

What causes chronic pain?

What causes chronic pain?

The exact cause of chronic pain varies from person to person, and many times, medical conditions, prior injuries, and surgeries gone bad are at play. However, there’s a modern day plague causing chronic pain among millions.

That plague? Sedentarism.

People sit still for longer periods of time than ever before, and this behavior leads to poor circulation, muscle tightness, and bad posture — all of which, in turn, lead to pain.

Treat Chronic Pain Naturally

Treat Chronic Pain Naturally

The obvious solution to sedentarism is to move more. Get up from your desk, go for a walk, start lifting weights, do some yoga.

Unfortunately, exercise alone won’t solve the problem. In fact, if you struggle with chronic pain due to a sedentary lifestyle, beginning an exercise program without a recovery plan in place can make things worse.

This is partly because the current fitness industry culture says all exercise must be intense or it’s not worth it. That’s a dangerous narrative, as it causes people to dive into fitness programs, workouts, and movements that are too advanced for their fitness level.

So then we’re left with this dilemma: People aren’t moving enough, but when they do move, they move in ways that leave them in more pain.

The real solution to chronic pain, then?

Movement appropriate for one’s fitness level, combined with an adequate muscle recovery routine.

Massage Gun Protocols for Chronic Pain

Massage Gun Protocols for Chronic Pain

Massage guns are one tool that can combat chronic pain. Percussive massage works by increasing blood flow to tense, painful muscles. Increased circulation delivers nutrients and oxygen necessary for the repair and regeneration of muscle fibers.

The mechanical action of percussive therapy also helps to break up adhesions in fascia, the connective tissue that covers your muscles and often becomes tight and painful.

Always remember that what works for one person’s pain may not work for another. If you have any concerns about your ability to safely use percussive massage for your pain, talk to your healthcare provider.

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Your pain relief percussive therapy routine

This comprehensive, step-by-step routine sets you up for natural, effective, pain relief.

  • Massage Guns for Back Pain

    Using the round or flat attachment, sweep the B37S across each side of your spine. Then, switch to the fork attachment and, starting at the base of your spine, move the massage gun up to your arch and back down. Repeat as needed.

  • Massage Guns for Neck Pain

    Gently and slowly move the fork attachment from the base of your head to your upper trapezius. Stop if you feel pain.

  • Massage Guns for Hip Pain

    Dig in deep with the cone or bullet attachment. Spend two to three minutes on each thigh, and then two to three minutes on each gluteus medius (the sides of your glutes).

  • Massage Guns for General Muscle Pain

    Any attachment meant for large muscle groups will help with overall muscle pain. Broad, sweeping motions at mid-range speeds allow you to get the most out of your percussion massage session in just a few minutes.

  • Massage Guns for Sports Injuries

    As an athlete, you know your body best. Use the pointed silicone tip of the cone attachment to target the muscle groups you exhaust most, while working around tender and bony areas. Use speed two directly after a workout or competition for a preventative effect.